The way you clench your fist reveals this thing about your personality! Take this test to find out.

Are you curious how your personality is reflected in the way you shape your fist? The personality tests are a great way to better understand who we are and to see things that escape us.

Today we’re going to see how the way you shape your fist can reveal things about your personality, by taking the following quiz!

Take This Test To See What Your Fist Reveals About Your Personality

Look carefully at this image and choose the fist shape that best suits you.

fist shape personality test

Explanation: what does my choice mean?

Form 1 Fist: Compassionate, Sensitive, and Intuitive

If you chose Form 1 Fist, it reveals that you are a very intuitive person who likes to help others.

You are naturally empathetic and sensitive to what is going on around you and when you see someone in need, you are the first to want to offer them your support.

Form 2 fist: Extroverted, confident and honest

If you chose the 2 shape fist, it reveals that you are an outgoing and confident person.

You like to mingle with others and take initiatives. You are honest and direct with others and are willing to take risks to achieve your goals.

Form 3 Fist: Emotionally Sensitive and Thoughtful

If you chose the 3 shape fist, it reveals that you are a very sensitive and thoughtful person.

You take the time to think before making decisions and you are very aware of other people’s emotions. You are empathetic and you have a great ability to understand and listen.

Did you enjoy this test? Would you like to make more?

Now you have an idea of ​​how your personality is reflected in the way you shape your fist.

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