The Traveler – The Naked King streaming – Replay France 3

Kandinsky receives confirmation of what he suspected. Commissioner Macena has proof that a single predator committed the many unsolved crimes listed in the mysterious notebook found in Bareski’s van. The “traveler” once again follows in the footsteps of its predecessor. Using Macena’s clues and Bareski’s notes, he begins his hunt in Ille-et-Vilaine. But, from a hunter, he will soon become the prey of a formidable predator. Because one does not stir up the past with impunity.

Carried out by : Klaus Biederman

With : Bruno Debrandt, Jeanne Bournaud, Charlie Dupont, Maëlle Mietton, Hubert Delattre, Warren Zavatta, Fayçal Safi, Sophie Le Tellier

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