the top 5 hairstyles that look 10+ years younger!

Hello, dear readers! New hair trends emerge and regularly make their way to hair salons. However… Do you know which trend is always on top? The bob cut! Eh yes ! This simple, yet very modern and chic hairstyle is timeless. From the late 1800s, through the thriving days of Posh Spice, and into 2023, this style has been and probably always will be on top as the most feminine and trending. If you want to take 10 years off your face just by changing your hairstyle, you’ve come to the right place! The DeaVita team is here once again to give you inspiration and wonderful ideas for the short bob haircut for women over 50!

hairstyles for 50 year old women with glasses

Short bob cut woman 50 years: hairstyles that rejuvenate 10 years

As women, we do everything to look good for our age. Whether it’s a new skincare routine made up of best anti aging serums, wonderful makeup tricks and trendy clothes… Hair, however, is the best accessory you can have, because it is always changing. And still fabulous. So scroll down the page to discover the best hairstyles that will give you volume and dimension and are sure to flatter your best features… All while feeling light and without spending more than an hour combing your hair in the morning!

Tapered square cut woman 50 years

Women's tapered square cut

The layered cut is my all-time favorite. Why ? As a girl with very flat hair with little to no volume, I found my long hair to be my biggest enemy. Although long hair is extremely beautiful, it can be a problem when you have to get ready for work in the morning. So, just before the new year, I had my hair cut in layers. You know what’s best? I don’t even need to put special products in my hair to make it voluminous and silky. They do it on their own because my hair isn’t that straight and I wear it almost everyday with loose curls. But even drying them, all it takes is a round brush to make them look super voluminous!

Square cut with fringe

cut with wispy bangs

My God, I love these hairstyles so much! Want to know a secret? It may be obvious to some, but the best natural botox out there is bangs. Listen to me carefully ! Many of us have wrinkles and fine lines on our foreheads, so we use lots of serums and creams to ‘turn back the clock’. But why invest so much, when you can get a fringe and hide it? Bangs are proven to make you look younger and can dramatically change your style. It frames the face beautifully and makes very long oval faces look smaller.

Posh Spice Bob Cut Hairstyle

hairstyles for women over 60 with glasses 2022

For the lovely ladies who want more volume behind, the Posh Spice cut is for you! The beautiful and simple way it lets your neck breathe, while letting the hair fall gracefully over your cheeks, is…spellbinding! A word of advice: for an even more drastic change, try a new color. Discover best hair colors for women over 50 in my other article, where we can discuss the most flattering shades!

Bob cut woman 50 years very short

short tapered haircut for women over 50

If you’re not daring enough for a pixie cut, but want a drastic change, the very short bob (the very short bob cut) is for you, my lovely reader! Give movement to your hair and go from dull to extravagant! Why not add side bangs? Side bangs elongate the face and give a certain je ne sais quoi to your style. If you’re still not convinced, try it. free virtual hair simulator to see how this hairstyle will look on you. Spoiler alert: you will be absolutely divine!

Square haircut for fine hair

haircut for oval face women over 50

See the massive changes in this beautiful woman’s face with a simple cut! Her hair, once flat and without volume, looks and feels alive again! The volume, the color, the cut… AH! The short haircut is truly magical. No need to search for the fountain of youth, it’s an easier and much better solution! The DeaVita team wishes you a wonderfully fabulous year, filled with laughter, beauty and above all… Confidence! Kisses !

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