The testimony of Jeanine, last night in TPMP, who claims that her daughter was fired the day after her appearance on the show last Wednesday – Watch

Last night in TPMP, Cyril Hanouna received a second time in 48 hours, Jeanine. This lady came for the first time on Wednesday to testify to her opposition to the pension reform. But she says that the next day, her daughter, who was also with her on set, was fired from the job she held, according to her, for no reason.

She says it was her stint in TPMP that caused the dismissal of her daughter, who was on probation with a car rental company whose name begins with “H” and ends with “Z”.

Some columnists were skeptical of this story while others embraced this moving story told on set, with her daughter by her side. vWe offer to watch an excerpt from his testimony.

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