the subscription costs four times more than Netflix

A paid version of ChatGPT is beginning to unfold. According to the first testers, it would be much faster. Unfortunately, the bill promises to be salty for subscribers…

As expected, ChatGPT won’t be free forever. Building on the success of its intelligent chatbot, OpenAI has announced the arrival of a paid version, titled ChatGPT Professional. During the announcement, the start-up still did not know at what price to offer the subscription. She then surveyed her users.

After collecting the opinion of its users, OpenAI seems to have stopped on a monthly cost of… 42 dollars. For comparison, this is four times higher than the cost of a standard Netflix subscription in the United States, which is billed at 9.99 dollars per month (13.49 euros in France). It is also much more expensive than a Microsoft 365 plan, which does not exceed 69 euros per year in France.

A price that could still change

The American company has just opened access to ChatGPT Professional for a small handful of Internet users. Most users can’t purchase the subscription yet. OpenAI presumably has open the test program primarily to developers and other AI experts.

Unsurprisingly, some users feel that the subscription price is way too high. On the official Discord of OpenAI, criticisms began to fuse after the opening of the test phase. For many Internet users, the cost is greater than expected. Obviously, everything depends on the use and needs of each individual.

As our colleagues from The Verge report, it is onlyan experimental program. The final price of the subscription could still change, in particular according to the feedback from the first users. At the beginning of the month, OpenAI indeed specified that the offer is subject to change ».

The subscription offers a plethora of advantages, already mentioned by OpenAI, such as faster responses and a guarantee of availability, the free version being often overloaded. OpenAI also promises priority access » to the new features integrated into its artificial intelligence.

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Really fast responses

To get a clear idea of ​​how ChatGPT Pro works, we recommend watching the video posted by Zahid Khawaja, one of the developers included in the experimental program. We realize that ChatGPT Pro is much more responsive than the free version.

The response to a request is instantaneous. Simply a few seconds to generate a long text regarding climate change. We sent the same request to the free version, and the chatbot grinded for about ten seconds before starting to generate sentences. The time saving promises to be colossal, especially for intensive use. Is that enough to justify the cost of the subscription? We are waiting for your opinion in the comments.

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