the report on the excesses of cosmetic surgery shocks internet users

This Sunday, January 15, the report on the excesses of cosmetic surgery in

This Sunday, January 15, the report on the excesses of cosmetic surgery in “Zone Interdite” shocked Internet users. M6 screenshot

This Sunday, January 15, the new issue of “Zone Interdite” focused on the excesses of cosmetic surgery. Upon discovering this report, Internet users were horrified by certain dangerous practices.

A new issue of “Restricted zone“, presented by Ophelie Meunieraired this Sunday, January 15 on M6. The theme of the evening highlighted one of the hottest topics of the moment: “Addicted to the perfect body: the scandalous excesses of aesthetic medicine”. As aesthetic doctors have seen, more and more young people succumb to the temptation of surgery to transform their physique. There are several causes for this. First of all, social networks and their many filters. Users, accustomed to changing their image with a single click, become complex because of their virtual image. They are then constantly in search of the perfect physique, which does not exist. In addition, many influencers trivialize plastic surgery or aesthetic practices, such as injections, to modify their appearance. But for many, it has become a real scourge.

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To start its report, “Zone Interdite” followed a young 16-year-old girl who was complexing on her nose. She therefore decided to go through the surgery box, in order to modify her face. Subsequently, a 27-year-old young woman, follower of social networks, had only one desire, that of increasing the size of her buttocks. She then paid the sum of 7000 euros to have fat transferred to her buttocks. His operation was even filmed to be shared on social networks. Although cosmetic surgery advertising is prohibited in France, many cosmetic doctors are tempted by social networks to reveal impressive before/afters and attract new customers… Thanks to this, some have become real stars on Instagram, or even on TikTok.

“I want to vomit”

Faced with such a demand, many excesses have emerged. “So-called” experts offer their services on Instagram in order to perform injections at a lower cost. And the worst thing is that their offers seduce many people, although this whole practice is illegal and above all dangerous. Others offer one-day training courses to learn how to inject real women. These clandestine cabinets can cause carnage. When discovering the theme of this new issue of “Forbidden Zone”, Internet users were left speechless. This “trivialization of cosmetic surgery” worries them. For them, the world is going crazy and this crazy race to seem ideal is “very serious”.

“7500 euros to risk losing sight”

If all the subjects scandalized Internet users, there is one in particular that horrified them. Viewers discovered that it was possible to change the color of his eyes through an operation. If the latter is legal in France, very few ophthalmologists agree to practice it. Just create a “pipe” in the eye in order to pass the pigment and transform brown eyes into green eyes in no time. However, like any operation, there are many risks… And above all, as one doctor pointed out, there is not enough long-term hindsight to know all the side effects of such a practice. . In addition to the risks, you must have a well-filled portfolio since you have to pay 7500 euros.

“Accept yourself as you are”

Excessive surgery shocks a large number of Internet users. Moreover, many subscribers of the social network to the blue bird wanted to send messages of self-acceptance. In addition, the Twittos wanted to advocate the “body positive”.

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