The overwhelming anecdote of Jean-Luc Reichmann, last night on France 2, about his deaf sister: “One day, she came back from the bakery crying” – Watch

Marie-Laure Reichmann was born in the early 1970s, nine years after Jean-Luc Reichmann. In the documentary devoted to him by TF1, he described him as someone “sparkling”, “extraordinary”. Her mother, now missing, adds: “He had crazy patience with her. He was very attentive with her. He did everything to help her speak, not hesitating to challenge her. He sent several times to get two baguettes from the bakery. Despite her fear, Marie-Laure ended up going there.”

It is this anecdote that Jean-Luc Reichmann told last night in “Quelle époque” on France 2. And he tells the story of the day when she finally came back from the bakery with two baguettes because, for the first time, the baker had understood her request: “That day, she came back in tears..”

In the TF1 documentary, Marie-Laure said: “My parents did not know that I was deaf. It was Jean-Luc who noticed when I was two years old. I did not hear and I did not speak everything.” And his brother Bruno to specify: “He had a very important role for her. It is also thanks to her that he changed television for the deaf and hard of hearing.”

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