The Nio ET5 Shooting Brake is coming to Europe this summer

Nio ET5 Shooting Brake Prototype

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Simple rumor a few months ago, the arrival of a station wagon in the Nio range is now official. The President and co-founder himself confirmed the arrival of this model in Europe this summer.

Once popular in many regions, for example North America, the station wagon has now become a European specialty. Several manufacturers have already tried to assert their ambition on our continent with this type of bodywork. Not always successfully. It is therefore the turn of Nio who will decline his model of segment D ET5 in station wagon.

The views of several prototypes had already confirmed the principle. We now have a date. Qin Lihong, President and co-founder of Nio, thus confirmed during a public intervention that the ET5 station wagon would be available in July on the European market. He also specified that this new model had been developed in Europe, since Nio already has a design office in Germany. However, the prototypes circulate today in China more than in Europe…

The Nio ET5 “Shooting Brake” will be reserved for Europe. Produced in China, it will probably not be marketed there. The station wagon market is indeed microscopic there, mainly represented by the Roewe i5, aka MG 5 in our region, which is mainly a vehicle used by taxis. Generally speaking, hatchbacks are not very popular in China. We note, however, the ssuccess of the Zeekr 001 which shows that exceptions exist. The Nio ET5 break could thus have a card to play on the Chinese market.

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