“The most difficult decision of my career”: Jean-Michel Guillon explains why ASM separates from Jono Gibbes

Jacquot posted on Jan 16, 2023 1:34 PM

It’s easy to whine about the fate of Gilles but who to recruit Belleau, Plisson, Herriteau, Godener by explaining to us that the ASM would be champion with this kind of players? Who extends Falgoux or Slimani who put more one foot in front of the other? Who lets go of Iturria, sheepish, vili, falatea, Lopez so that they go to make other top 14 clubs happy? That’s a lot of reproaches that we can make to the president and his recruiting advisers….. So it’s especially them who have to question themselves…. but they will be careful not to do it… .

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