The Messi scandal is gaining momentum

The controversy swells in the land of world champions after the words of Hugo Gatti, former potter of Albiceleste.

A month after the coronation of Argentina against the Blues in the final of the World Cup, the supporters of the world champions are still on cloud nine. The images of Lionel Scaloni’s men’s victory continue to loop and the stories of Argentine heroes on this blessed day of December 18 still fascinate the crowds.

A controversy has nevertheless been raging for a few days due to the rowdy statements of Hugo Gatti, former goalkeeper of the selection. In the goals of the Albiceleste during the 1966 World Cup, the record holder of matches in the Argentine championship has indeed committed a crime of lèse-majesté by belittling the merits of Lionel Messi in the final against the Blues.

Gatti has always been a mediocre keeper who hates Messi

“Emiliano Martinez was more important than Lionel Messi”he launched, adding: “He was fundamental as he dominated the penalty shootout. He was the most decisive player. Whether on the last action or during the shots on goal. » And the former goalkeeper was not done. “Messi was good but I think Mbappé was better, did he indeed continue. Do you know who was the most important up front? Di Maria. It is he who overflows, who plays for Messi. »

The words of Hugo Gatti, known for his provocations, did not fail to react. to Paraguay. “Success makes people envious. Gatti has always been a mediocre keeper who hates Messi. Messi is the god of world football”wrote another legendary doorman, José Luis Chilavert.

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