The mayor of Amiens challenges Madonna on video, asking her to lend her a mysteriously missing painting

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The mayor of Amiens arrested Madonna, asking the star to “lend her her painting”, which she would have bought at an auction in 1989.

Monday January 16, the mayor of Amiens Brigitte Fouré published a video on her Facebook account, in which she challenges the singer Madonna.

“Madonna, you probably don’t know the city of Amiens”, says the city councilor, before continuing: “Can you imagine that we are candidates to be European Capital of Culture in 2028. So I would like this occasion, in 2028, you can lend us your painting, so that the people of Amiens can find this work and enjoy it”.

The painting in question is called Diana and Endymion, and was painted in 1822 by Jérôme-Martin Langlois. “A recent article in the newspaper Le Figaro enabled us to discover that the painting deposited before the Great War at the Museum of Fine Arts in Amiens (…) could have been found in the United States in the personal collection of the famous singer Madonna”, explains Brigitte Fouré.

Indeed, according to a recent survey by our colleagues, the work thought to have been destroyed during the Great War was reportedly auctioned in 1989 at Sotheby’s in New York and acquired by Madonna for $1.3 million. If a complaint for theft was filed in 2015, the case is now at a standstill.

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