the journalist reveals the notes he put to the president

A very crisp anecdote… Guest on the set of Buzz-TV to present the new version of his show C the weekly, broadcast on France 5, Ali Baddou indulged in some secrets about his past as a teacher. The host revealed that he had a student with an extraordinary destiny: Emanuel Macron.

“He was a very good student”

“He was a very good student. I gave him a 16/20 in his essay,” recalls Ali Baddou. “At the time, he was wondering if he was going to choose the aggregation of philosophy or go to the ENA”, continues the journalist, before specifying “not to have established a relationship of friendship” with the one who is became head of state. “And political life in itself does not attract me”, assures the one who will never be able to forget his pupil.

And, Emmanuel Macron did not mark only one teacher in his life since he charmed Brigitte Macron in high school, in Amiens, when she was his theater teacher. The Head of State returned to their love at first sight on the show The Papotin Meetings, broadcast on France 2 on Saturday January 7. “Love, you don’t choose so much. I think it falls on you and therefore there is nothing impossible. It is not written that it has to be a person like you, who is the same age than you, who lives in the same place as you. It’s something that is stronger than you and that goes beyond you”, explained the President of the Republic.

The latter introduced Brigitte to his parents when their relationship became very serious. But, things did not go as he would have liked. “It’s normal (…). At the beginning, I think that you always imagine, for your children, a pattern of life that is yours, the pattern of a certain norm. And so, when something happens, which does not correspond to your scheme, you are not necessarily comfortable”, analyzes the head of state who has decided not to listen to his parents and to continue his relationship with Brigitte. A determination that Ali Baddou also certainly remembers…

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