the great announcement of Julien from the “Star Academy” to his fans!

Julien Canaby made himself known as the troublemaker of the “Star Academy” 2022. His natural casualness and good nature had won the hearts of the public. And even if he had been eliminated fairly quickly because of his nonchalance and his lack of visible involvement in the courses, the resident of the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys really came out of the adventure crowned with a lively celebrity. sudden. And a glory that the 20-year-old young man really did not encourage via social networks, unlike his ubiquitous comrades, especially on Instagram. A lack of responsiveness and exchanges with his followers which was beginning to annoy his fans… From those who came to applaud and encourage him with his former promotion partners, this Wednesday, January 11, during a very good live performance at the Parisian shopping center Westfield in Châtelet-les-Halles. A reunion which enchanted the public and reassured the fans of the young singer who, since last November and the announcement of the creation of a new title with his musician brother, had not given any news!

“It was amazing, it was crazy”

But this Friday, January 13, Julien has finally just published a story on his Instagram account explaining the reasons for his “radio silence”… because of his old faulty phone! “So, say so, that’s it, I can finally talk to you! Here it is, with good video quality! It’s great, isn’t it? Well, here it is, to explain the context to you, I received the phone and when I received the phone, I had to go up to Paris to make autographs and everything, moreover, it was incredible, it was crazy” , he said with a smile, walking down the street. And to add: “But suddenly, here, I did not receive it in time, there was a whole mess, I had to put the data in my phone, all that, it was a mess my God ! Normally there is no problem anymore, and now I can talk to you, it’s great. Now it’s done!” he finally concludes, visibly relieved to finally be able to communicate with his community. And to announce good news like the teaser of an ongoing project? Julien reports that he is going on a date with a friend but whose identity he does not want to reveal “for obvious reasons that you may understand later.” Suspense…

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