The Girondins seek their second wind [Joueur par joueur Bordeaux-Amiens]

The Girondins de Bordeaux were snagged by Amiens in the final minutes of added time (1-1). A look back at this second disappointment of the week with player-by-player performance.

The Girondins seek their second wind [Joueur par joueur Bordeaux-Amiens]

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David Guion : the Bordeaux trainer renews his 433 with Louis-Jean in place of Michelin and Bakwa in that of Davitashvili. Mwanga, Fransergio and Ignatenko are in the middle. As against Caen, he leaves his young elements on the bench and only makes 3 changes out of 5 authorized (2 in Caen). Something to pester when you stay on the bench and see the performances of incoming players.

Gaetan Poussin : 61 balls touched, it’s huge for a goalkeeper. On the goal he can do nothing. He misses an exit in the feet in the second period but Gregersen makes a save in extremis.

Louis-Jean Johaneko : 4th tenure of the season. He touches a lot of balls and crosses a caviar in the second period, but no attacker can conclude in the second half. He was very active.

Stian Gregersen : in combat for 94 minutes. 4 clearances, 6 duels won, 2 tackles, and an interception against Tolu who is very athletic. He held the shock.

Yoann Barbet : the captain was discreet at the start of the match, then he built up pressure over the minutes to shake up his team in the second half. Faced with the onslaught of the Amiens players, he is decisive more than once in defense. It is he who obtains the penalty that transforms Maja.

Vital Nsimba : We don’t recognize the Vital from the start of the season, when he started playing with Bordeaux. His passes are less precise (below 80% accuracy), his game less sharp and defensive, and he suffers with only 1 duel won in the match. On Ilenikhena’s goal in the 92nd, he is late in his marking.

Junior Mwanga : his header at the last second of play touches the post of Gurtner. If he scores, his match is perfect. 81 balls hit, 14 lost and above all 18 duels won which is huge. He is the best performer of the 22 players in the game in this area. But it’s not over, because he tries 7 dribbles and manages 6. Hats off.

Danylo Ignatenko : 76 balls played, 9 lost, 2 dribbles attempted and one successful. His almost systematic play at the back slows down the team’s game and penalizes the offensives. He wins 5 duels.

fransergio : a lot of activity in the first period. He plays like a real free spirit by looking for balls in his penalty area. A good passing quality and 9 duels won, too bad he lost 18 balls in this part. He was not decisive when he had the opportunity to score 6m from the goal, but his shot was on the goalkeeper (20′).

Alberth Elis : right winger in this game. Lots of lost balls in the first half (10 in the match). He creates his best goal opportunity at 12′ in the 6m, but his shot misses. He did not target any shots in this match and is not decisive. He participates in the defensive game with 7 duels won.

Dilan Bakwa : the crazy dribbler with 8 attempts including 3 successful. He did not target any shots in this meeting and often forgets his partners in his actions with the ball. He wins 7 duels and defends on his side.

Josh Maja : scores his 6th penalty of the season which is an exercise he masters perfectly. In the game he participates a lot by returning inside to look for the balls and does not hesitate to defend (3 duels won). Top scorer in Ligue 2 with 11 goals.

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