The Girondins pay cash for their mistakes [Joueur par joueur Bordeaux-Rennes]

The Girondins de Bordeaux come out of the Coupe de France in the 32nd final by being eliminated by a top 5 in Ligue 1, Stade Rennais, with their heads held high. However, there is still a little taste of unfinished business because David Guion’s players have created a lot of goalscoring situations.

  The Girondins pay cash for their mistakes [Joueur par joueur Bordeaux-Rennes]

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David Guion : deprived of several players, he surprises by doing without Nsimba and Bakwa who are replaced by Ekomié and Pirringuel at kick-off. Elis is titular, Fransergio and Lacoux too. His coaching makes sense given the choice he has. Unfortunately, several entrants struggled to get up to speed, such as Nsimba and Badji.

Rafa Straczek : too wait-and-see on the opening of the Rennes score. He must go out, but he prefers to go back and he is crucified. He makes three saves on his line in this game.

Malcolm Bokele : good Malcom Bokele with determination, forward play and solid defense until his expulsion at 60′. He does not control his commitment and makes a mistake which earns him an expulsion. He will miss at least the trip to Caen.

Junior Mwanga : at ease, and in control in the forward relaunch. He wins 4 duels and makes 4 passes through. He has all his bearings.

Stian Gregersen : whether Barbet or Mwanga, Gregersen adapts very well to his teammate in defense. Combative, he made Gregersen with 4 duels won and 5 deep passes played. He loves dueling and fighting.

Jacques Ekomie : we saw that he lacked rhythm from the 25′ or he suffered the blow physically. He covers Bourigeaud on the opener by not aligning himself with his defense. In addition, he loses 20 balls and only succeeds in 70% of his passes. This is a difficult first in 2023 for the young Bordeaux player.

Tom Lacoux : the captain tonight was also playing his first game of 2023. Close to 100% successful passes, his first half is in good shape with closed passing lines and recoveries. He physically dives in the second half. He is replaced by Bakwa at 64′.

fransergio : erased until the expulsion of Bokele at 60 ‘. From that moment, he took the game on his own on several offensives. But he is not decisive and forgets Nsimba alone at 81′. Note his superb opening for Elis at 26’. It was a caviar but Elis is screwing up.

Alberth Elis : commitment, will and physical presence. He rushes as soon as he has the ball, it passes or it breaks. Tonight he failed to convert Franserion’s offering in the first half. Too bad he is too messy with the ball at his feet because physically he jostled the Rennais.

Zuriko Davitashvili : 20 minutes of fire and then it died out little by little to completely disappear from the match. As often, he lacks regularity and consistency in this meeting. Replaced by Nsimba at 75′

Lenny Pirringuel : first tenure of the season at 18 against Stade Rennais. It’s a great proof of David Guion’s confidence in his player. He showed a lot of desire. However, he struggled to improve his balloons. Because he had a lot of technical waste. He appeared determined.

Josh Maja : we hardly saw him in this match and yet he scores, and this time in the game with a lot of opportunism. He managed to combine once with Pirringuel. He only touches 19 balls in 63 minutes of play, he shoots once in the frame and he scores. He lost a lot of balls.


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