the executive remains firmly opposed to an exit from the European energy market

More and more opposition politicians say they are in favor of this measure to reduce the bills of the French.

It’s a little music that rises on the side of right and left oppositions. To protect French people’s bills in the face of the energy crisis, it would be necessary to leave the European energy market.electricity, argue some officials, who take the example of Spain and Portugal, which have benefited from a derogation from Brussels to temporarily exit the European market for a year. But this track does not carry the adhesion of the government.

Guests respectively on France Inter and CNews this Wednesday morning, Bruno Le Maire and Olivia Grégoire tried to dismantle this proposal. “If we had left the European energy market today, as demanded by the National Rally, we would not have had the German electricity we needed to run the bakers’ ovens“said the Minister of the Economy. The tenant of Bercy referring here to the nuclear reactor shutdowns for stress corrosion problems that “we (have) had to import electricity from Germany” this winter. “We were very happy in November to import German electricity when we needed it, at a reasonable price.“, abounded on CNews his colleague in charge of SMEs, Commerce, Crafts and Tourism.

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If France is able to import electricity from its European neighbors and export it when it can, it is thanks to its interconnections with other European countries. “France is neither Spain nor Portugal, it is not a peninsula“, recalled Bruno Le Maire. “We can’t go out like the Spaniards and the Portuguese did, because we don’t have the same relationship to energy as the Iberian Peninsula“, who “does not import energy nor export energy with the European market“, developed Olivia Grégoire.

Finally, leaving the European market would not be a miracle solution for French bills, according to Bruno Le Maire. “Those who today have some of the cheapest electricity and gas bills of all European countries are the French, thanks to the energy shield that we have decided to maintain for 2023“said the Minister.

The French government, on the other hand, is still pushing for a reform of this European market, in order to decouple the price of gas from the price of electricity. “It’s a tougher battle to fight than getting the hell out of the European energy market“Admitted the Minister of the Economy. But “it is at the work table of the European Commission in the first half of 2023“said Olivia Grégoire.


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