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While the Curva Nord of the Olimpico stadium has been closed for the next match of the Biancocelesti following the racist cries of a large part of their supporters present during Lecce-Lazio – cries having notably targeted Samuel Umtiti -, the ultras laziali laid a press release absolutely beside the plate in reaction to the sanction concerning them.

Relayed by the journalist of the Gazzetta dello Sport Marco Iaria, the text of ten lines does not make the slightest apology to the former Lyonnais or his teammate Lameck Banda. In their defence, the authors denounce in particular “this hypocritical football” and target these leaders (Gianni Infantino, the FIFA president who stepped up for Umtiti, without naming him directly) “who accepted (for the money) that the World Cup takes place in Qatar, thanks to a series of bribes amounting to millions of euros discovered among MEPs to promote the competition. In a country that is truly racist, homophobic and discriminatory to the core where women can’t even leave their homes. »

Not sure that taking the example of Qatar to hide its own horrors is a good strategy, but let’s move on.


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