The electricity consumption of WiFi boxes, players and repeaters is now measured by Arcep

The electricity consumption of WiFi boxes, players and repeaters is now measured by Arcep

Wishing for more responsible digital technology, the telecoms regulator is today publishing a protocol for measuring the electrical consumption of our equipment.

Who consumes too much and when? The telecoms regulator intends to monitor the consumption of each box, WiFi repeaters and decoders to compare the information collected and inform users of the factors that influence the electricity consumption of each of them.

The procedure is well put together and detailed in a protocol published today by Arcep. More concretely, several use cases for each type of device will be analyzed.

For the servers of our Liveboxes, Freeboxes and others, the measurement will be carried out in five situations. First of all a measurement of box not being connected to any PC and another of box without having activated WiFi and without any traffic. The measurement is only carried out if the box offers the standby / energy saving mode indicated. Another measure is planned by leaving the box connected to a PC and activating WiFi but without any traffic. Finally, two types of measurements will be carried out in the event of traffic: either with a bandwidth of 5 Mbit/s or with a throughput of 50 Mbit/s.

On the side of the WiFi repeaters, three cases will be measured: an unused WiFi repeater, a WiFi repeater used with a client connected without any traffic and finally in the event of concrete use with an active speed.

The players of our boxes are not left out, since they will also see their consumption measured thanks to this protocol. The measurement will be carried out in particular with a decoder in standby, 20 minutes after standby and stopped directly.

Power consumption will also occur when viewing a live channel, when the decoder is not connected to a DTT antenna. Consumption caused by playing a replay and on a popular OTT service (Netflix or YouTube).

This article was taken from the Univers FreeBox website

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