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It has been several years now that the Fntastic studio has been teasing The Day Beforean open-world survival game that notably mixes The Division and The Last of Us, particularly impressive with its graphics when it was announced in 2021. While the title was originally scheduled for release on March 1, 2023 on PC, it has just been postponed for a rather funny reason.

The publisher has not registered the trademark of the game in the USA

In a message posted on
we learn that The Day Before has been postponed to November 10, 2023. If usually these announcements are accompanied by a letter evoking that the studio needs more time to finish its game and offer an experience that meets expectations, here the reasons are different.

Fntastic explains that the name of the game, which its publisher had probably not secured beforehand, is today the subject of a complaint in the United States, recently discovered by the teams:

Just before the release, Steam blocked our game page at the request of an individual, because of the name The Day Before. As you know, our game was announced in January 2021. At the time of the announcement, The Day Before game brand was available.

After the game was announced, the aforementioned individual filed an application ahead of us to register The Day Before game mark in the United States:

Previously, we were not aware of the existence of the claims. We only discovered him on January 19, 2023, when we received a complaint from him and a request to contact him.

Now we find out all the circumstances of the incident and we will definitely solve everything.

The gameplay is also postponed

If the reasons mentioned above are rather funny, they do not make the players who expect The Day Before a lot laugh, and above all reinforce the idea that the studio is potentially not the most honest.

As if that weren’t enough, the community was also eagerly awaiting the long gameplay presentation promised for the end of the month. The latter is also postponed in order to let the teams manage the setback mentioned above:

We had planned to release a long gameplay video later this month, but we need to fix this first. We will post a video as soon as possible. Therefore, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the launch to November 10, 2023. We understand that this may disappoint many of our fans, but we want to ensure that we release the best game possible.

We are 100% focused on the game itself and how to bring you the best game possible. Thank you and we hope for your support.

If you were waiting for The Day Before, you will therefore have to wait almost an additional year before hoping to be able to play the game. To give you an idea of ​​the expectations around the title, it is one of the most present games in the wish list players on Steam, even surpassing Marvel’s Spider-Man or Starfield a few months ago. Today, the game page is no longer accessible on the Valve platform.

Remember that if it only has a PC release date, The Day Before is also planned for Xbox and PlayStation, without further details.

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