the cry from the heart of a mother fired for having testified in TPMP

The columnists of Cyril Hanouna witnessed an emotional sequence on the set of TPMP this Friday, January 13, 2022. Baba had again invited Jeanine, a 67-year-old retiree forced to work to compensate for his meager pension, after a first appearance on the air very noticed two days earlier. This time, the mother of the family returned to the daily newspaper to push a huge cry from the heart. After her moving testimony in TPMP last Wednesday, Jeanine landed on set with Hillary, his 25-year-old daughter fired “without cause”. For Jeanine, a consequence of her first stint on the show.

“There’s no point in me continuing to live”

Following Jeanine’s moving testimony in #TPMP, her daughter Hillary lost her job “without reason”. Jeanine cracks on set

— TPMP (@TPMP) January 13, 2023

They do not reproach anything to his work. I am responsible“, deplores the mother who regrets having given her name while testifying. She continues: “She had her father on the phone this morning: he wants to kill himself because he has no more work and neither does she. What am I doing? I am responsible for both in the situation because I came to talk about the retreats!” Hilary then takes the floor to talk about her grotesque dismissal: “My trial period ends after a month, a month and a half. I want to understand, I had time to



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