The creator of the hummingbird flag announces the withdrawal of her creation from the competition

Vilified for several days on social networks, subject of carnival songs for having won the competition organized by the CTM to choose a flag for Martinique, Anaïs Delwaulle has decided to withdraw her creation.

“This decision is made in conscience and I will not participate either on the networks, or by any other means to maintain slander and hysteria”she wrote in a press release last night.

In this text, the young woman denounces the cyber harassment and threats to which she has been subjected since the announcement of the results of the competition. A contest during which his restylized red-green-black flag decorated with a hummingbird won 72% of the votes cast.

For its part, the CTM took note of the decision of Anaïs Delwaulle. “The CTM calls for respect for this final choice, supports the candidate and strongly condemns the relentlessness and the wave of hatred of which she has been the victim”, can we read in a press release made public last night.

Concerning the result of the competition, the community specifies that a “new classification will be established with this withdrawal, the flag n ° 891 taking the place of first”. This is the Red-Green-Black flag claimed by several political movements since the 1970s. The identity of the depositor of this contribution is currently unknown.

This new ranking will be submitted for validation to the Assembly of Martinique during the plenary session of February 2 and 3, 2023. The winner of the competition should in principle receive a reward of 8,000 euros from the CTM.

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