the connection problems discussed without real solutions proposed

Fiber optics: connection problems discussed without real solutions proposed

The association of local authorities involved in digital technology Avicca emerged quite disappointed from the last Arcep workshop following the quality of the operation of the fiber networks.

A very inconclusive assessment following this meeting of fiber players. Last Wednesday was held a workshop organized by the telecoms regulator and for Avicca, it was only a way of saving time rather than proposing real solutions.

Absence of quantified indicators, absence of comparison between operators, generalized progress in the setbacks of maturities, which have already been postponed many times, are still on the agenda” deplores the association in a press release, which considers that this meeting will only have served to respect the fact of communicating with the communities, without changing things.

To paraphrase Emmanuel Macron in the face of some of his ministers: “the procrastinating option is always the best informed”! See you elsewhere in 2024 (sic) to see if the plan is fully operational and effective. As long as we win, we play...”


The main issue that the association would like to see addressed is the use of STOC C mode (Commercial Operator Outsourcing) by the four national operators to deploy fibre. The latter is strongly criticized for a long time by the Avica, accused of causing the sometimes very strong degradation of the networks. This workshop therefore did not really lead to a significant movement to solve the fiber problems, however the appointment will still have made it possible to highlight certain things. Indeed, Altitude Infra presented the first work on the upgrading of the Essonne networks and indicated that new equipment, completely redone and up to standard, was once again badly damaged. A situation deemed surprising by Avicca, which indicates that it is “equipment to which operators’ service providers should under no circumstances have access. What’s more, these degradations were observed during the commercial freeze period, during which no commercial operator (CO) is supposed to intervene!“.

This article was taken from the Univers FreeBox website

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