The bikini photo of actress Moria Casan, 76, agitates Argentina

Wearing a bikini at 76? Argentinian actress Moria Casan made this initiative an intimate and political choice. And that offends sexists.

“I don’t understand why a 70 year old woman should hide, what does that mean?”. This hard-hitting question is posed by Argentine star Moria Casán. The 76-year-old actress saw one of her photos shared on social networks: we discover her in a bikini on the beach in Mar del Plata, south of Buenos Aires. A solar snapshot that has gone viral and which has aroused many reactions in Argentina.

And in particular those of a user, who commented virulently on Twitter, in a post since deleted: “Hide Moria Casan, behave like what you are, an elderly woman”.

Difficult to demonstrate such uninhibited sexism. These misogynistic attacks prompted the actress to counterattack: no, she does not want to “hide”. “Hide yourself, fool!”, She retorted, as reported by the Spanish media ADN Radio.

“I no longer have the body I had at 30, because I’m 76, it’s a natural photo. If it were up to me, I would do nudism”, further developed the star septuagenarian, who in turn calls on women “to love each other” beyond the prejudices and often derogatory remarks of others.

“Choose Yourself Above All”

With this uninhibited speech, Moria Casán reacts to ageism, this stigmatization which concerns people, and particularly women, who have passed the milestone of fifty. Moria Casán also affirmed his pride in displaying his…

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