The appeal of the foot of the Stade de France

In open conflict with the City of Paris, the PSG threatens to leave Princes Park for several weeks now. If the file was spread in the press, it did not fail to react, especially on the side of potential future suitors.

Between the racecourse of Saint-Cloud (92) or the town of Poissy (78), the Stade de France positions itself to become the lair of the Paris Saint Germain. Indeed, the track leading the club from the capital to Saint-Denis (93) has leaked to the press, and is becoming more concrete today. It is in the columns of Sunday newspaper that Pierre Coppeyboss of Vinci Concessionscompany in charge of Stade de Francesaid : ” For thirty years we have been offering the PSG to play at Stade de France. But leaders and supporters, so far, have always told us that they are not interested.“. In the midst of a conflict between the City of Paris and the PSGthe direction of the enclosure of theFrench team inaugurated in 1998 confirms this and says to himself ” always ready to receive Paris Saint Germain“.

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