TESTIMONY. “Sugar baby at 24, I fell in love with a sixty-something”

Assumed sugar baby, Semie Atadja, 24, admits to having fallen in love with Claudio, 60, because of his luxurious lifestyle and social status. Openly admitting that she likes “rich men”, she shares her daily life online.

What is the life of a Sugar Baby? It is a realistic overview that Semie Atadja, 24, tries to communicate on his social networks. The young woman, who does not hesitate to claim her love for “rich men”, has been in a relationship for six years with Claudio, 60 years old.

Met on a specialized dating site, called “Seeking Arragements”, Semie now leads a sumptuous and extravagant lifestyle. A life she wouldn’t give up even if it meant being in a relationship with a man almost 40 years her senior.

A complicated love history

I dated men my age who were drug dealers, drug addicts, good and bad boys » reported Semie in the newspaper Mirror. ” But there is something special in the connection between Claudio and me she added. Their story begins six years ago on a dating site. Claudio sends him a message “ Hey doll, do you like sushi? on a Monday. The following Wednesday, they meet for the first time.

Quick beginnings

We then went back to his house, did some yoga and it went from there. commented Semie. ” We saw each other regularly and then when he invited me to a festival, that’s when we fell in love. she confided. After three months, the young woman puts her suitcases at Claudio. ” He is so understanding. Nothing I say surprises him she agreed. Claiming that his companion was ” never upset ” and ” always there to help “, she claims to finally live an ideal relationship.

suspicious friends

This difference ofage however, does not leave those close to Semie without fear. ” My friends were suspicious, they weren’t sure about him and before our first date they kept asking me if I was sure I wanted to meet him because they didn’t think he was trustworthy she commented. Assuring that Claudio is now unanimous among his relatives, Semie explained that he had some reluctance to talk about his story with his family.

incite jealousy

Now they really support me and realize we’re in love she indicated. Even if the couple formed by Claudio and Semie seems solid, remarks are frequent. ” I just think people are envious. If you could live this life, travel the world, who wouldn’t? pointed out Semie. The couple spends their days between New Jersey, in the United States, where Claudio’s business is located, and the Dominican Republic, where they have a condo.

Insults and criticism

Semie, reassured by her husband’s financial stability, fully assumes being a “sugar baby” even if she is faced with criticism. ” Some men call me an easy girl or a prostitute she recalled. ” It’s probably to feel better that they’re mean to me she continued. Claudio is not spared either. ” Some call him a pedophile. When this started to happen it was stressing me out and i was replying to everyone but Claudio asked why i cared she said, tired. From now on, criticisms can rain, Semie does not worry any more about it.

rich men only

Returning to the term Sugar Baby, sometimes misunderstood Semie tried to propose a definition. ” People think it’s the sex work or escort, but that’s not true. It’s only about dating wealthy men and having experiences that you wouldn’t have with someone the same age as you. she explained. If Claudio doesn’t give him money directly, Semie having personal credit cards, that’s fine he who pays his bills. ” It’s not like I get a fixed amount she added.

Former influencer and waitress

Alive ” a fairy tale Semi has visited incredible places with Claudio, going to Colombia, Shanghai, Italy, Germany and Colorado. ” Before I met him, I was trying to be an influencer and worked in a small restaurant as a waitress she confided. Claudio, father of two children and grandfather of four, introduced his partner to his family. They all seem to get along wonderfully. ” I love being a grandmother confided Semie. ” I skipped having kids and went straight to having grandkids! she laughed. ” Everyone has a type and my type is rich! concluded Semie, delighted.

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