Tesla sentenced for false advertising

In South Korea, the American brand was fined more than 2 million euros for not being sufficiently clear about its autonomy figures.

This is the epilogue ofa case that dates back to the beginning of 2022, the date on which the manufacturer was notified of the launch of an investigation by the KFTC. Equivalent in France to the DGCCRF, the organization accused the manufacturer of not having been clear enough on the reductions in autonomy of its vehicles in certain conditions, and in particular in cold weather.

In effect, You’re here was content so far to communicate on the value of the WLTP cycle, in force in Korea, without specifying that the autonomy could decrease sharply during the drop in temperatures. After several months of proceedings, the KFTC finally ruled by imposing a fine of 2.85 billion won on the manufacturer, the equivalent of 2.1 million euros.

Following the decision, the manufacturer reacted by adding an additional message on its Korean site. ” Performance and battery life may vary by model. Displayed range may vary depending on external factors such as speed, weather and road conditions “Can we now read in small print.

To comply with the requirements of the South Korean authorities, Tesla has added a message to qualify the announced autonomy.

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Author’s opinion

If Tesla has ever been caught for false advertising, including in Germany vis-à-vis its Autopilotthe decision of the Korean authorities seems a bit exaggerated.

Rather than condemning this or that builder, shouldn’t we simply demand more transparency from everyone? With regard to the figures of the WLTP cycle, it would be a question in particular of imposing on the brands a more exhaustive display, in particular as regards the values ​​of autonomy and consumption on the motorway.

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