Stellantis will cut 20% of its points of sale

Last March, Carlos Tavaresthe boss of Stellantis had announced the color by announcing wanting to double the turnover by 2030. An ambitious objective which obviously requires an increase in sales but also by certain in-depth reforms of the company and in particular of the network.

It started in May 2021 with the termination of the automaker’s European dealer contracts. Dealerships will become agents, with the aim of strengthening consistency between online offers and those of dealerships. Officially, on the side of Stellantis, it is announced that this will be profitable to them since they will concentrate on commercial activity and will be relieved of certain financial charges such as stock, communication or training which are borne by the manufacturer.

Obviously the story is different among dealers who see a loss of their prerogatives. In fact, this reform will have concrete effects since the number of dealerships will decrease by 20% in France out of the 1,200 established today. The rest will have to diversify since 85% of distributors will offer several brands and 55% will have at least three. All this will of course be accompanied by an intensification of internet sales. Some brands therefore risk losing capillarity. It remains to be seen which manufacturers will do well.

This new system, which is being finalized, will be deployed from July 2023 in Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria for all the group’s brands. The same will apply on January 1, 2024 in other European countries for premium brands and utility vehicles. The deadline is 2027 for all brands and markets in Europe.

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