Sophie Davant’s attitude shocks internet users

This Wednesday, January 25, the attitude of Sophie Davant in

This Wednesday, January 25, the attitude of Sophie Davant in “Case concluded” shocked internet users. France 2 screenshot

This Wednesday, January 25, Sophie Davant was back to animate two issues of “Case concluded”. In the first episode, a seller brought three armchairs… And the host could not resist the idea of ​​testing these objects. A behavior that shocked Internet users.

Like every day of the week, viewers found two episodes of “It starts today”, followed by two numbers of “Deal done” on France 2. Sophie Davant was therefore at the controls of the second show and met many day sellers. The latter made the trip to the studios of France Televisions to sell items of all kinds. Of course, there was once again something for everyone. From a wedding book, through a vase, paintings or armchairs, the experts in art were spoiled for choice. And it is indeed the three armchairs, presented in the very first issue of “Affaire concluded”, which unleashed passions on the Web.

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This Wednesday, January 25, a future dad named Charly participated in “Deal done“with the aim of selling three armchairs which caused a sensation with Sophie Davant. As he explained, he recovered these seats from a hotel which was undergoing renovation. He then bought them at a “very good price” If Charly kept them for a time at home, he has now decided to resell them because he lacks space in his house. When discovering these armchairs, Delphine Frémaux provided some details about their history. These are the “Eggs” armchairs, “Eggs” in French, designed by Erne Jacobsen, who received the International Design Award in Japan in 1991.

“In her previous life she must have been a wheelchair tester”

Nevertheless, the auctioneer insisted that these were copies. Despite everything, Delphine Frémaux explained that this design was timeless and that it was always very sought after. She also spotted signs of wear, so for that, she estimated each armchair at 150 euros each. If these three armchairs have been very successful, it is for a completely different reason that Internet users have reacted on the Web. Indeed, each time a seller brings a chair or an armchair, Sophie Davant loves to test the objects … And this Wednesday, January 25, even before Charly landed on the set, the host was already seated to welcome him. Behavior deemed “inappropriate” which shocked Twitter subscribers.

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