Sophie Davant without filter on her love life

"Finding myself single without having planned it..." : Sophie Davant without filter on her love life - BestImage, Moreau / Rindoff

“Finding myself single without having planned it…”: Sophie Davant without filter on her love life – BestImage, Moreau / Rindoff

Star presenter of France Télévisions for more than 30 years, Sophie Davant is today more fulfilled than ever: a happy woman, in love, mother of two young adults, she assumes her femininity 100%. However, not everything has always been easy for her: a few years ago, she experienced hardships that left their mark…

Her humanity and her assumed femininity are part of her No. 1 assets: at 59, Sophie Davant seems to be more fulfilled than ever at the end of 2022! Always at the head of his show Concluded deals on France 2, the presenter also created her magazine, called S, and which each time addresses subjects that are dear to him. Femininity, motherhood or even love stories… The 50-year-old and her teams tackle everything!

It must be said that Sophie Davant is regularly inspired by her life, and in particular by her romances which have not always followed the path she hoped for. “I live with what made me, what made me grow and allowed me to discover unsuspected resources. I happened to find myself single without having planned it. And I was surprised! I’ve done things that I thought were amazing“, she also reveals in an intimate interview with the magazine TV 7 Days on newsstands Monday, January 2.

Indeed, if she is today more in love than ever with her ex-colleague William Leymergie, with whom she has been living a beautiful story for a few months, Sophie Davant has experienced several great disappointments, in particular with the father of her two children (Nicolas , 29 and Valentine, 27), Pierre Sled. “I am flattered to be able to be, not a model, it would be pretentious on my part, but someone in whom other women can recognize themselves.“,…

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