Sophie Davant under fire from critics, the famous host responds cash to her haters!

Recently, Sophie Davant gave up his jeans and shirts for a whole new look on the occasion of the filming of a special 20th century edition of his show “Affaire Conclue”. On January 10, she took to her Instagram account to share one of her favorite outfits. An ultra sexy red set that aroused strong reactions from Internet users. Far from being unanimous, the pretty blonde has come under heavy criticism. Reviews on which the companion of William Leymergie wished to return to the set of “Quelle Époque! This Saturday, January 14, 2023.

” I’m sad “

” That’s crazy “she first exclaimed before adding: “I’m sad because it’s often women from elsewhere who are extremely aggressive, so I don’t really know how to take that, is it jealousy? “. And to continue: “I find that on the contrary they should be happy about it, to think that we can advance in age, and… I wouldn’t dress like that every day, it was fun to do it in the spirit of the time “.

If she does not hide being affected by her negative remarks, Sophie Davant prefers to keep her head held high and ignore bad language. However, Léa Salamé insisted on recalling that the host recently declared that “some reviews make her sick”. Indeed, the ‘Case Done’ star hates being portrayed as a malicious person.

“I don’t like injustice, I don’t like unfair criticism. I am anything but malicious. Everything is commented and analyzed. » And to conclude: “I’m on my feet all day, I try to give each person about twenty minutes, obviously there can be a look that stays in the editing, right away we say look at how she looks at the salespeople, she’s crazy etc All that sucks, it’s unbearable criticism. It pains me, I am a sensitive human being”. Touching confidences.


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