Sophie Davant sincere about her love life

Sophie Davant confides in her love life Abaca

The host took advantage of an interview with TV 7 Days to confide in the turmoil of his romantic relationships and his expectations for 2023.

2022 has been a rich year for the host, both personally and professionally. During the year, Sophie Davant accumulated emissions for France 2those on M Radio but also the editorial direction of its magazine launched in 2020 and called S, Sophie Davant’s magazine. And to keep up with this frenetic pace, it’s all about time management. “I manage to organize myself so that I can rest, too. I need to get together at least two days a week outside of Paristo empty my hard drive and recharge the batteries”, she explains in an interview with TV 7 Days published on January 2.

And for this new year, the host wishes “be fulfilled in all areas. At the moment, I’m already pretty good, so if it could continue on this path, that would be great». Of a nostalgic nature, the journalist begins, over the years, to appreciate the present. “It’s an apprenticeship, because I’m not the type to close files and project myself, she says before bouncing back on her love life: “I happened to find myself single without having planned it. And I was surprised! I did things I thought I couldn’t.»

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“Married, divorced, single, in love”

She admits it herself, her sentimental life has been hectic. “I am a woman, mother of two children. I have been married, divorced, single, in love, abandoned.Sophie Davant was united with the journalist and host stone sled. Two children were born from this marriage, Nicolas in 1993 and Valentine in 1995. The couple finally broke up in 2012 after 23 years of love and having “tried to give himself a second chance without succeeding. We feel a lot of guilt for not having known how to grow old together.she confided to the magazine Gala.

Following this failure, the journalist fell in love again “when I thought it was over. And then, again, everything fell apart…This disappointment echoes his history with the academician and novelist Erik Orsenna which ended in September 2013.”It’s life, it’s sinuous, but also incredible! She surprises me every day.” Indeed, the 59-year-old woman is in love again. Last August, she formalized her relationship with the journalist and former host of Telematin, William Leymergie.


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