Sophie Davant atomized after her huge blunder in the expertise room

Spread the word, since the first issue ofDeal doneSophie Davant continues disasters. What happened ? We take stock!

Wind of panic on the set of Deal concluded!

fans ofDeal done never get bored! For its part, the production tries to keep the mystery. He has not yet been born who will reveal his method of selecting objects. That the teamObjeko would like to turn into a little mouse to watch behind the scenes! Meeting with the auctioneer going through the stage from the auction room, everyone is trying to get out of the game. As a worthy conductor, Sophie Davant oversees all of this. Regularly arrested because of his iron character, the journalist does not have a minute to herself. That day, she will collapse live!

It is obvious. After the forced departure of Pierre-Jean Chalençon, the atmosphere changes on the set. Much more suspicious than usual, Caroline Margeridon competes in ingenuity to stand out. For example, when she sees this crystal figurine dedicated to Formula 1, she freaks out. The one who could wake up in the middle of the night to applaud the performances of Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, Alain Prost breaks the bank. Aware that there are always twists and turns in Deal doneshe wouldn’t give up her job as a flea market for anything in the world.

Too many disasters?

When Michael walk through the doors ofDeal done, he still doesn’t know he’s going to cringe. A former expert on canines, molars or gums, he knows perfectly how to repair any damage. However, he did not expect that Sophie Davant throws oil on the fire. Suspended by the verdict of Marie Renoir, the retiree does not miss a beat. Deploring the presence of some small accidents on the enamel and “stripes on the credenza”, the latter also emphasizes its main quality. ” This is the kind of furniture that can be reinterpreted in the kitchen and this is what is currently in trend. It can be revisited and repainted. »

During this analysis, the curious Sophie Davant does not stay in place. Revolted by his attitude, the fans ofDeal done take over social networks. They would like let her let the expert do her job and mute her. Suddenly, a strange noise interrupts the investigations. By wanting to discover the contents of a drawer, the facilitator of Deal concluded insists. race results, a sheet of glass shatters into a thousand and one pieces. Doubtful, she tries to justify herself. ” It was hard to open, it’s the first time it’s happened to me like this… Seeing that she doesn’t convince anyone, she apologizes and puts her pride aside. Will this be enough to ease tensions?

Too many disasters?

Against all expectations, Michel and Marie Renoir are not offended. He is told that it is quite possible to find an equivalent in the trade. On Twitter, this is another story. Exceeded to the highest degree, the haters do not go there with the back of the spoon. If the legendary presenter of France 2 continues like that, they threaten to boycott Deal done ! Will they take action yes give him a (last) chance? When Objeko written these lines, the mystery remains unsolved. Continued in our next issue!

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