Sony has a radical solution to prevent piracy

Sony is part of the club of the most important entertainment companies in the world, whether for music, films and TV series, or even for video games. And nothing pisses Sony off more than piracy! The company has found a pretty drastic way to prevent users from enjoying illegal content.

Sony is particularly committed against piracy: in 2000, the group attacked Napster, at a time when the service offered to download MP3s illegally. Then-Sony Pictures vice president Steve Heckler said the company would develop technologies to block piracy at the ISP, phone company, and even PC level. !

A patent to block pirated content at source

Years later, this statement is still de rigueur at Sony. A patent indeed describes how the company seeks to block piracy at the source, but this time not at the ISP, directly on a television! The technology detailed in the patent aims to prevent the user from accessing pirated content, and more specifically third-party applications from displaying this content.

These applications installed outside the official stores would thus be detected by the operating system which would integrate monitoring software. This last ” has system privileges to examine the code and execution of the third-party application “says Sony.

In one of the scenarios present in the patent, Sony describes streaming boxes on which it is possible to install sideloading applications: “ Some of these third-party apps may get content from malicious sites that deliver pirated content to the device “Complains the builder. In this case, the pirate app is able to provide premium content without permission.

The solution proposed by Sony is radical, even if it is in the nature of things that it ends up being bypassed one day or another. It remains to be seen now if the group really intends to materialize this patent.

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