Sony finally announces what we’ve all been waiting for

Sony sounds the end of the ordeal for all those who have been desperately looking for a PS5 for more than two years.

It has been two years since its release that the PS5 has been subject to a violent shortage of electronic components. Semiconductors being particularly affected, Sony’s latest generation console was almost impossible to find for many months, available at exorbitant prices, when stocks were not raided on the second by malicious people armed with bots.

This discord is now history, as Sony raises the flag of hope for all gamers. The firm officially announces the end of the shortage and promises that PS5 stocks will gradually return to normal over the next few weeks. It was at CES 2022 that Jim Ryan, the boss of PlayStation, explained:

Anyone who wants a PS5 should have a much easier time finding one at retailers around the world, from now on..”

A long-awaited announcement

We can not say that this is an amazing announcement. Indeed, stocks began to multiply towards the end of 2022. At Christmas many players managed to get their hands on the precious grail and offer it to their loved ones – if this is your case check out quickly our file on the first games to buy on PS5. Last December, the businessman announced that the shortage was already over for the Asian market:

We would like to announce that we have resolved the PS5 supply issues and will be able to deliver PS5s to Japanese and Asian customers from the end of the year, and during the year 2023″.

This therefore looks like a long-term solution to the problem, which is not displeasing to us. Note that inflation has still got the better of the price of the console, which will remain displayed at a price of €550 for the classic version and €450 for the digital version. Sony isn’t teasing any return to the original price at this time, even if there’s an upgrade.

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