“So we can’t basically contradict you?” : tense exchange between Christophe Dechavanne and Christiane Taubira

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Saturday night on the talk show what time broadcast on France 2¸ the former Keeper of the Seals and the host had a tense exchange after a question related to the Covid crisis.

The atmosphere was tense to say the least. Saturday night on the talk show what time of France 2, Christophe Dechavanne and the former Keeper of the Seals, Christiane Taubira had a lively exchange on the question of vaccination in Guyana during the Covid crisis.

“Your voice carries, affirms the presenter. Why did not you have proposed to the Guyanese to go reasonably to be vaccinated given what was happening at home?” A question that did not please the former presidential candidate. Cutting it off, she declared: “we have to stop rehashing the same fads all the time. (…) You are going to make a soap opera for how many centuries?”

“I have the right to contradict you”

Taken by surprise, Christophe Dechavanne replies: “So we can’t basically contradict you?”. A question to which Christiane Taubira hastened to answer: “No, it is not a question of contradicting me, but me, here, I have the right to contradict you”.

Speechless in the face of this remark, guest Daniel Cohn-Bendit intervened to calm the debate. Exasperated, the former Keeper of the Seals claimed to be trying “to understand” why we were attacking her and no one else.

?️ “We have to stop constantly rehashing the same fads”

Vivid clash between @ChTaubira and @CDechavanne on vaccination in Guyana

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Before adding: “I am a politician, I have taken blows. So I fight and I give back”. The tension went down when the former presidential candidate conceded all the same “to appreciate Christophe Dechavanne”. A remark that did not fail to make the main interested party smile.

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