Shirtless, the physical shock of Victor Wembanyama 6 months from the Draft! (Photo)

It’s the biggest fear of all the scouts before the arrival of Victor Wembanyama in the NBA: will he be able to withstand the shock physically, he who is still quite thin. The young pivot wanted to reassure everyone by posting a photo of his physique 6 months from the Draft. He joined the Metropolitans to be able to work on his physique, and the results are already being felt!

2023 will be a great year for Victor Wembanyama, as it should be the year of all firsts. In a few months already, next June, he will become the first Frenchman to leave with the n°1 choice of the NBA Draft, which will mark a major evolution in tricolor basketball. And that’s not all, since he will also experience his first major international competition with the Blues during the World Cup.

But before these deadlines so awaited by the fans, he will have the opportunity to achieve something big with the Metropolitans. They are currently second behind the ogre Monaco, they have done well against all the big teams in the championship, so why not dream of a title which would be the first for this franchise created in 2007? (Paris Basket Racing, ancestor of the Mets, has 4 titles, editor’s note)

Victor Wembanyama shows off his muscles on Instagram!

In short, the MVP of the last French All-Star Game is also thinking about the future, and he is already trying to work on what could be a defect in the NBA next year: his physique. Some scouts fear that he won’t make the weight in the racquet, others that he will get hurt, so he does everything to reassure them. Arriving in Boulogne-Levallois to be able to work on his body, Victor Wembanyama showed his progress on Instagram:

The arms are thin but I have huge dreams ✨

It’s no surprise that Victor Wembanyama isn’t the thickest of basketball players, which can be worrying when you know he’s going to have to compete against monsters like Joel EmbiidBam Adebayo or Steven Adams, who are as imposing as they are powerful… But the good surprise is to see how muscular the French prodigy is at 19, knowing that he is content with light work for the moment.

In the NBA, with the best physical trainers on the planet, with tailor-made training where he will finally push loads greater than his body weight, Wemby could quickly thicken and become an athletic force that counts in the league. Whether Giannis Antetokounmpo did it, why not him? In 5 years, he may have arms as thick as his dreams.

At only 19 years old, Victor Wembanyama already has the body of a very high level athlete, with present and visible muscles. With such shoulders, he won’t be as easy to move as some think so, and this is only the beginning, since it should evolve well in the coming years.

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