she confused Kev Adams with…

And it’s the dumpling! Camille Combal was back at the helm of Camille & Pictures in the first part of the evening on TF1 this Friday, December 30 to relive the funniest sequences of the year 2022. Among the guests were Camille Lellouche, Kev Adams or even Adeline Toniutti, the singing teacher of the last season of star Academy.

While Camille Combal pointed out that Camille Lellouche had come to give a masterclass to the students in the castle of Dammary-Lès-Lys, Adeline Toniutti commented: “She sang very well“. Feeling neglected, Kev Adams recalled that he too had come to coach the candidates: “I came too, but everyone doesn’t give a damn, it doesn’t matter!“.”Ah, and Keen’V came too!“, replied the singing teacher, provoking the hilarity of Camille Lellouche. Unbelieving, the comedian then got up, going close to the backstage to contain his emotions.

Seeing that Camille Combal had not heard the huge blunder of his guest, Kev Adams joined him to take stock of the situation. “No but wait, you’re really not going to react to that?! Well, she thinks I’ve been Keen’V since the start of the show! But guys! From the start of the show!“, exclaimed the actor before singing with humor the tube I’d love to of the singer. “Oh shit! Oh sorry !“, Adeline Toniutti finally reacted, extremely embarrassed and plunging her face into her hands, realizing after almost twenty minutes of broadcast that Kev Adams was not at all who she thought she was.In any case, thank you, Fauve Hautot, it made me very happy“, quipped the comedian, making the red-haired singer laugh. “Let’s dance together!“, she concluded with a smile. Highly commented on Twitter, the sequence obviously caused the hilarity of Internet users!

Hugo Mallais


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