she already had everything of a journalist!

Faustine Bollaert wanted to become a journalist and television host from an early age. In a video shared on Instagram on Sunday January 22, 2023, her fans could see that she was already doing very well … at the age of 12.

Faustine Bollaert is one of the most popular presenters on the small screen. His testimonial program entitled It starts today, broadcast every weekday on France 2 from 1:55 p.m., is a great success. Since its launch in 2007, the program has recorded many audience records, and caused a lot of reaction from Internet users on Twitter. A success that Faustine Bollaert owes in part to her empathy for the guests – it is not always obvious for this hypersensitive, to deal with all these stories. This success, she also owes it to her talents as a facilitator. According to his last video shared on social networks, Maxime Chattam’s wife had predispositions since his earliest childhood! And it’s worth a look…

Faustine Bollaert published a video of herself at the age of 12, Sunday January 22, 2023 on instagram. In these images, the young girl, now a mother of two, is skiing with the family, and slips into the shoes of a journalist. “We are in Alpe d’Huez, which is a very pretty landscape,” she says, showing the panorama, while fixing the camera lens. “When I told you that I had always wanted to do TV! Thanks to my brother for digging into his archives… At the time I was 12 and therefore I was working on FR3!”, Added Faustine Bollaert with irony, in the caption of this post.

These archives greatly amused fans of Faustine Bollaert. (…)

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VIDEO – Faustine Bollaert’s Minute

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