seriously injured after an accident, Jeremy Renner will not resume filming for several years

This Tuesday, January 17, a source explained that the condition of actor Jeremy Renner was still very worrying at the New York Post. Besides, he will probably not return for several years to the cinema.

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The life of Jeremy Renner is totally upset. On January 1, the American actor had a terrible accident while helping a stranded motorist clear snow. His 6.5 ton plow started to roll by itself and when he tried to stop it, this one knocked him down and crushed one of his legs in the process. He was quickly transferred to the hospital after this accident and the doctors indicated that he was suffering from ablunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries” as reported by his publicist. Jeremy Renner then quickly suffered two surgeries on Monday, January 2and gave news to his fans the next day by posting a selfie on his Instagram account.

Jeremy is very aware that he almost died there.

On Tuesday, January 10, Kymthe sister of Jeremy Renner, gave reassuring news about his state of health, something to reassure his fans. “Those who know Jeremy know he’s a fighter and he means business. He is crushing all progress goals. We couldn’t be more positive about the journey ahead“, she told the magazine People. However, this Tuesday, January 17, a source indicated that the actor was in a still extremely worrying state, comments shared by the New York Post. “It’s much worse than everyone imagines”, he explained. “Jeremy is very aware that he almost died there.

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A very long recovery

This source reported that the actor’s physical damage marvel movies are very important. “It is said that the damage to Jeremy’s chest was so extensive that it had to be reconstructed in surgery“, he revealed. And that’s not all ! This person also explained that it will take at least two years for Jeremy Renner to fully recover from this accident. “So far he has had two surgeries and he will probably need more in the coming weeks for his leg“said the source.”Doctors tend to space out operations to allow time for the body’s natural healing process to kick in, and that’s the case here.” Unfortunately, Jeremy Renner won’t be resuming filming any time soon, but you can find him in Mayor of Kingstownbroadcast on Paramount+.

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