Self-consumption 9 kW Solar Panel Kit for self-production of energy

The use of solar panels is an efficient and economical way to access energy self-production. This allows to reduce his energy bill and can even allow some people to produce enough electricity to cover their needs and become self-consumers.

the 9kW self-consumption solar panel kit is a complete solution to be installed on your roof to produce the amount of electricity needed to power an entire home or business. This kit includes the solar panels, inverter, batteries, cables and accessories necessary for its installation and operation.

The advantages of the 9 kW self-consumption solar panel kit

Choosing this type of kit has many advantages:

  • save on energy bills by producing your own electricity;
  • reduce its consumption and its dependence on conventional electricity suppliers;
  • diversify its energy supply by favoring renewable energies;
  • increase its production capacity without increasing the number of panels with a maximum power of 9 kWp.

Composition of the 9 kW Full Black Single-phase self-consumption solar panel kit

This self-consumption solar kit 9kW understand :

  1. 36 QCELLS 375 Wp full black single-phase panels;
  2. 1 Fronius Symo 8.2-3-M Plus inverter;
  3. 1 battery Lithium SunGrow 12kWh;
  4. the cabling and accessories required for its installation and operation (including supervision software).

Installation and operation of the 9 kW self-consumption solar panel kit

Before installing the kit, it is important to take into account various parameters:

  • the orientation and slope of the roof (for better profitability);
  • the capacity of the electrical panel of your home/business;
  • the light intensity of the area where your home/business is located.

Once installed, the kit will start generating electricity to provide you with all the energy you need on a daily basis. It is possible to store the excess production thanks to the batteries which integrate the kit. Thus, you can resell your surplus electricity on the network at more attractive rates than those practiced by traditional suppliers.

Why choose the 9 kW self-consumption solar panel kit?

the 9 kW self-consumption solar panel kit is a great way to produce a large amount of electricity compared to other lesser power kits on the market. Thanks to this power, you will be able to generate enough electricity for your personal use or to resell the surplus on the network.

Finally, the kit is very easy to install and includes all the items you need to get it up and running quickly and simply. You can therefore be sure that your system will be operational as soon as it is installed.

If you are looking for an affordable and sustainable way to generate your own electricity, the 9 kW self-consumption solar panel kit is the perfect choice! Investing in this type of kit can be very profitable in the long term and save a lot on the energy bill.

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