School rugby stopped after a dramatic accident in Tarbes, in which a high school student became quadriplegic

Rugby practice has been suspended since December 16, a UNSS spokesperson told AFP.

A meeting was held on Wednesday with experts from the FFR (French Rugby Federation), during a “mixed commission” to consider the follow-up and the conditions for a recovery, we learned from the same source. .

The conclusions of this meeting will be given very soon.

The accident which occurred on December 14 during a tackle left a 17-year-old high school student, also a player for the Bagnères-de-Bigorre club, quadriplegic, according to the Republic of the Pyrenees.


In a letter, the National Union of Physical Education, affiliated to the FSU, questioned the UNSS on this suspension.

“Suspend until further notice, the practice of rugby in all its forms within sports associations as in UNSS meetings is incomprehensible”, writes the union. “You are thus casting doubt on the professional skills of PE teachers and undermining the trust placed in them by heads of establishments, IA-IPR (inspectors, editor’s note), parents and students”, continue- they. “We dispute the hot reaction”, explained to AFP Benoit Hubert, secretary general of SNEP-FSU.

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