Samsung presents its futuristic screen, both folding and extendable

This year, we are finally entitled to a CES in 100% physical edition as before the pandemic. And Samsung intends to take advantage of this high mass of tech to lift the veil on its latest innovations. And among the technologies that will be presented by Samsung, there will be the Flex Hybrid screen, through its subsidiary Samsung Display. Today, Samsung is the specialist in foldable screens. And its latest folding smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Galaxy Z Flip 4 cardboard.

Now, Samsung is looking to offer its foldable screens on other formats, such as computers, and it is also exploring extendable screens. As for the Flex Hybrid screen, it combines the two technologies: a screen that is both folding and extendable. In addition to the buzz that Samsung Display hopes to make by presenting this screen, the format proposed by Samsung can have a utility, since it will allow to have a computer screen in an ultra-compact format.

Samsung Flex Hybrid

© SamsungDisplay

A future ultra-portable computer?

On the left side, the screen folds or unfolds. When the foldable part is deployed, we get a 10.5-inch screen with a ratio of 4: 3. On the right side, we have the extendable or rollable part. When this part is unrolled, we obtain a screen of 12.4 inches with an aspect ratio of 16: 10. For the moment, it is not known when the technology will be marketed. But it is important to remember that Samsung Display supplies several brands, in addition to the products of the Korean giant.

“Samsung Display has showcased next-generation foldable and sliding products through various exhibitions in the past. At CES 2023, the company is looking to showcase its upcoming smart mobile device, Flex Hybrid, which combines two innovative technologies into one.indicates the subsidiary of Samsung.

For example, during an Intel event in 2022, Samsung Display unveiled a prototype stretch display for computers. And at CES 2023, this prototype will be exposed to the general public. Samsung offers two versions: the Flex Slidable Solo display that spans one side, and the Flex Slidable Duet display that spans both. When the screen is not extended, it has a diagonal of 13 to 14 inches, which allows for better portability. But when extended, the diagonal increases to 17.3 inches.

Samsung rollable

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