sad revelations about the star’s new life

Friday January 10, 2023, facing Jordan de Luxe, Gérard Majax made terrible confidences about the life that Dorothée would lead. The famous singer would not be happy and he explained why.

The magician Gérard Majax answered questions from Jordan de Luxe, Friday January 20, 2023. The opportunity for him to remember the day when he met Dorothée, only a few years ago, when he was at a concert at the convention center. The interpreter of Ho! the liar was there too. However, he had a hard time recognizing her. “She had brown hair and was a little fatter, I didn’t recognize her at all“, he recalled before explaining why she would be unhappy. “She is unhappy not to do television again! She is unhappy to stay at homeeven if she has the means to take pleasure in it, he doesn’t like it at all to no longer be involved in creation because he is a person who has always loved to create. She’s the one who told me“, added Gerard Majax.

Even if Dorothée would very much like to be in the light again, the magician still wanted to specify thatshe would not be ready to accept any project to redo television. She no longer wants to remain only the label of the children’s friend.

Gérard Majax regrets not having any more news from Mireille Mathieu

During this same interview, Gérard Majax spoke of his links with Mireille Mathieu. While they shared three years of touring together, today they would no longer have ties. “Since then, she hasn’t called. We have no news. Everyone who has worked with (…)


VIDEO – “Unhappy” Dorothée: her friend Gérard Majax gives her news

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