Rugby World Cup 2023: Accounts in the sights of the authorities

After the suspicion of ticket fraud revealed on January 7, the accounts of the 2023 World Cup would be in the sights of the authorities. According to The Teamthe World Cup which will take place in France (September 8 to October 23) “would only be profitable by 40 million euros“. We are a long way from the 200 million advanced in 2017, in the columns of the Figaro by Claude Atcher, the former director general of the organization of the competition who was dismissed on October 10 by the Board of Directors of the GIP, the public interest group in charge of the World Cup, in reasons for judged managerial practices “alarming“.

Given the current context of the GIP, the mission considers that the ambition for the financial results of the World Cup is not a priority.explains the IGF to The Team. All that counts is the delivery of the tournament in optimal conditions and the successful completion of the operations undertaken within the framework of the World Cup, even if it means mobilizing part of the profits made to guarantee their completion. The only objective to preserve with regard to the uncontrolled commitments of the former managing director is that of a reasonable result, of the order of that guaranteed by the low assumptions of the provisional income statement of the GIP.”

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The daily specifies that an independent financial audit would have been demanded by the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office. On the side of Claude Atcher’s lawyers, we “ignore“all of these difficulties. In addition, the PNF would also investigate a certain number of contracts awarded by the GIP, which would be likely to constitute acts of favoritism, but also on an alleged embezzlement of public funds, adds The Team.

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