Roselyne Bachelot denounces the “ball of the hypocrites” in Culture

Roselyne Bachelot, during the investiture ceremony of Emmanuel Macron, in May 2022 François Bouchon / Le Figaro

The former minister is releasing a book on her two years on rue de Valois. She deplores a “double language” on the part of the artists, attacks the unions, “sacred cows” in this sector and remembers the calamitous ceremony of the Caesars.

Tell the “truths we couldn’t tellwhen you were in charge is a great classic of former ministers. The exercise is often a double-edged sword: the reader expects revelations that are generally not in the pages, and always wonders, in the end, why the things denounced were not settled when they could be. By publishing 682 days, the ball of the hypocrites, Roselyne Bachelot has just subscribed to the rite. She does not say everything, but she often writes with humor.

Attention! She shoots on sight, her publisher had warned. Not on the President of the Republic or on his friend John Castex, anyway: most of his shots center on unions and artists. As you read, a small background of contempt for certain journalists encountered during these 682 days point, here or there. sometimes referred to as “cultural journalists”or of “malicious journalists, which is a pleonasm”, they were obviously not always allies. It does not matter: the former minister, by staging the insufficiency of the unions, politicians, artists or media, plays on velvet.

Joined the government to defend artistic circles, bachelor arrives in the midst of a health crisis, having to manage the fury of museums, cinemas or concerts at the time of confinement. But while the government and the Ministry of Culture widely open the tap of aid, the singer Benjamin Biolay throws to him one day: “You put me on dry bread.”

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Actors “overpaid, and unappreciative”

“Throughout this crisis, I remained stunned by the double language of this environment, able to show my gratitude in private, while deploying aggressiveness and victimization on television” she writes. The memory of the disastrous Cesar ceremony in 2021 lets him add a sleazy on those movie actors “overpaid, and ungrateful to the most generous government in the world”. It will excuse, in part, the artists, by “suffering” not being able to play or perform for many months. Emmanuel Macron had he also not affirmed that Culture was not an essential good?

The unions also take it for their rank, qualified as “sacred cows” fighting to keep a “archaic system”. listening to them, “I often had the impression of attending endless general meetings of co-owners”, she testifies. Admittedly, in this game, Roselyne Bachelot admits that “we are all accomplices”. Including her, therefore, who despite her profile as an experienced right-wing woman, did not dare or could not confront these famous sacred cows. A statement of helplessness? Without a doubt. After forty years in politics, the former minister also believes that “the degradation of the ministerial image is something incredible”. And don’t tell him about the golden age of ministry under Jack Langthe policy of supply made in the 1980s “having in no way served the democratization of culture”. Worse, it helped transform the department into a window and a manager of “feudalities”.

682 days, Plon editions, 283p, 20.90 euros.


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