Road accident kills 19, injures 20

Jiangxi province is tragically bereaved by a road accident. Nineteen people were killed and 20 were injured on Sunday in eastern Chinastate media reported.

According to CCTV, citing local authorities, “the cause of the accident is being thoroughly investigated”. The “major traffic accident” took place shortly before 1 a.m. in Nanchang County, she said.

A “foggy weather” in the region

About an hour after the news broke, traffic police in that county issued advice to drivers, warning that the area was experiencing “foggy weather”. “Visibility behind the wheel is poor. There is poor visibility, which can easily cause traffic accidents. “Please watch out for traffic lights. fog… slow down, drive carefully, keep a safe distance from the car in front of you, avoid pedestrians, do not change lanes and do not overtake,” she added.

Road accidents are common in China due to a lack of strict safety checks. Last month, one person died in a pile-up on a highway in the center of the country, involving hundreds of vehicles and caused by low visibility due to fog. In September, 27 passengers lost their lives after a bus carrying them to quarantine facilities in southwest China’s Guizhou province overturned on a highway.

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