Right after his hero’s appearance in “TPMP”, the victim of the chopper attack in a LIDL shares terrifying photos

On Monday, December 12, four people were stabbed, two of them seriously, in a Lidl store in Jeumont (North) by a man equipped in particular with a chopper and a 30 cm butcher knife. While some customers fled in the face of the serious danger represented by the man, at the checkout, a certain Tarik Barnoussi, a father, fought back and injured the madman with a shopping cart. In this exchange, he was injured in the head, and had two fingers severed. This January 4, he was the guest of Cyril Hanouna on the Touche plateau not at my post.

“Tarik surely saved my lifeI still thank him today because I am alive“.

He explained to the host of C8 that he had never imagined not intervening to control the attacker, despite the bloodshed everywhere around him. At the end of this serious incident, the man with the chopper would have tried to end his life, by cutting his veins in the back of the store, also reports this witness, before specifying that he would undoubtedly be interned in psychiatry after his actions.

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Meanwhile, on the Web, a certain Sullivan Martin, who is one of the 4 wounded at Jeumont, shared a terrifying post on Twitter. On January 4, after the show, he wrote: “this Monday, December 12, I was the victim of a chopper attack at the lidl in my city, Tarik who surely saved my life testified this evening on TPMP in front of Cyril Hanouna, I have already thanked him and I thank him again today because I am alive“.

The damage is considerable

On Twitter we discovered the damage caused by the assailant on this gentleman. A first photo shows his head bandaged with a bandage, and blood that has flowed all over his face, and the other two show very large scars, with numerous stitches in two places on the head.


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