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Are you ready for season 3 of Alice in borderland? The brand new Netflix series based on the manga and video game has captured fans across the world. When will the next season be released?

With the disconcerting end of season 2 of Alice in Borderland, fans can’t wait to find out the information about the season 3. Today we are going to find out what you need to know about the world of Tokyo and the map of the Arisu game, essential features of this Japanese series which has seen its renewed interest in 2021.

When will Alice in Borderland Season 3 be released?

The question about the release date of the new season of Alice In Borderland continues to remain unanswered. Fans are eagerly awaiting a full sequel to the final episode which ended with a great cliffhanger and everyone is wondering if the Joker will finally arrive to help them find the Arisu game map. So when is season 3 coming?

Netflix has yet to officially announce Alice In Borderland’s return for a third season, but there seem to be hints that this project is high on Netflix’s agenda. In 2021, the series saw a surge in interest and it now has over 5 million subscribers, which seems to be enough to encourage Netflix to produce a sequel.

Is there any information about a season 3?

Although no formal confirmation has yet come from Netflix, there are some rumors that the Japanese series Alice In Borderland might return for a third season. It is said that a manga adaptation of the film is currently in production and is expected to be available in the fall of 2021.

Additionally, some cast members have confirmed their participation in the project, suggesting that Alice In Borderland’s return for a third season might be possible. This unconfirmed information is enough to rekindle the hopes of fans regarding the return of their favorite series.

What are the possible scenarios for this season 3?

If a season 3 really sees the light of day, we can expect the start of a new saga where Arisu and his group will have to face even more powerful and complex obstacles. The Tokyo platform must now serve as a refuge for the Jokers but also as weapons against them. The adventure is therefore likely to intensify.

We can also imagine that Chishiya will come into play in order to provide the keys allowing the participants of the game “Arisu” to reach the ultimate goal. Also, thanks to it, our hero will have access to additional tools that he will need to survive the game and find the map leading to the end.

Another possible scenario would involve a drastic change in the rules of the game. Players may have to deal with an entirely new world with different and unfamiliar rules. This might be the only way for Arisu and his friends to survive Tokyo.

What are the fans’ expectations for season 3?

Fans are eagerly awaiting a full sequel to the final episode which came to a bewildering ending. After going through all the stages of the game, fans are hoping that this season 3 will finally reveal what’s behind Arisu’s card and answer the questions that remain unanswered, including those regarding the Joker and his real life. face.

Moreover, it is also expected that season 3 will bring more action, because the previous season was sorely lacking in intense moments. The series must find a way to keep viewers engaged and satisfied until the end of the adventure.

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