Quotations of the dinar in the bank and on the black market this December 31

For this Saturday, December 31, 2022, the rate of the euro is stagnating in Bank of Algeria quotations. Indeed, the European currency is exchanged today against 145.78 dinars for purchase and 145.85 Algerian dinars for sale. Regarding the parallel market, the Euro is displayed on Tuesday at 218 Algerian dinars for purchase and 220 DZD for sale.

The course of the dollar, for its part, is recorded on the Bank of Algeria at 137.35 Algerian dinars for purchase and 137.37 DZD for sale. On the Algiers square market, the American currency is at 205 dinars for purchase and 208 DZD for sale.

What exchange rate for the Canadian dollar for this December 31?

In addition, the exchange rate of the pound sterling at the Central Bank of Algeria amounts this Saturday to 165.11 dinars for purchase, and 165.16 Algerian dinars for sale. At the level of the black market, it is exchanged against 246 dinars for purchase and 249 dinars for sale.

To conclude, the Canadian dollar, it is exchanged in the official quotations of the Bank of Algeria against 100.98 Algerian dinars for purchase and 101 DZD for sale. On the parallel currency marketit is sold against 150 dinars for purchase and 152 DZD for sale.

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