Qi Test: Only the most observant will be able to solve this visual puzzle in time!

The importance of doing visual tests and puzzles is often underestimated, but these exercises can have many benefits on our mental and physical health. Visual tests and puzzles stimulate neurons and improve logic and observation skills.

Visual puzzles can also help us develop our ability to solve problems and make decisions faster. In addition, these exercises also help improve memory and develop new skills.

These visual tests and puzzles are very entertaining and can be played both alone and in groups. Although children are more likely to engage with visual puzzles, adults can benefit from them as well.

These exercises can be a lot of fun and can help reduce stress and relax. Additionally, visual puzzles can help keep the brain active and stimulate creativity.

In summary, tests and visual puzzles are a great way to stimulate the brain, improve logic and observation skills. These exercises can also help us develop our ability to solve problems and make decisions faster, while helping us reduce stress and relax.

The visual puzzle of the day: which way to take so that the girl can get out of the house?

A girl is on the first floor of a building, but it has started to rain and she has to pick up her clothes. You need to find the right path so she can climb to the roof.

Be careful, we have added a difficulty, you have to find the way in 10 seconds!

Take a good look at the picture and observe the details, you will notice that each floor is connected by doors and stairs.

stair puzzle test 1

Answer: what path did she have to travel to get to the roof?

By analyzing the image in detail, the girl must take 6 ladders to reach the roof. Here is the visual to help you visualize the answer.

riddle test answer 1

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